software gestionali personalizzati

Fashion Erp

we have made the following patches dedicated to the specific use in clothing and footwear stores:

    • Season Management
    • Size and color management
    • Fast insertion of item by supplier order or shipping document / Supplier loading invoice, with attribution of the selling price and contribution margin.
    • Production of barcode labels of incoming items directly from the shipping document / Invoice Supplier, in the format you prefer.
    • Sale at the bank and customer loyalty, connection to the cash register or tax printer

Load the shipping document or the invoice of the supplier and SIMULTANEOUSLY you already have the item inserted!

Each item has its own bar code label, the sale price and description ready to be printed as you want!

Our software

you only buy what you need!

speeds up all backoffice operations thanks to the user friendly interface

Allows you to always keep everything under control

Connect the software to Prestashop e-commerce! Simultaneously unload store and site stock in a single software!

Don’t limit your horizons, discover the opportunities that an integrated system on the web can offer!

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